Ease of Access

Do you need any information about my hot tub?

Yes, please have your: dealer/salesperson/seller provide you with this necessary information about your hot tub :

  • Make
  • Model
  • Dimensions (Lenth x Width x Height)

You may also find this information in any owners manuals about the tub

What is considered an Obstacle?

  • Is there a Gate? (Width x Height)
  • Hydrometer, Gas Meter, A/C Unit
  • Overhang’s(i.e. Roof, Eavesdrops, Downspouts, etc.)
  • Low Hanging Trees and Overhanging Branches
  • Flower Gardens, Planter boxes, Posts, Etc.
  • 90 Degree turns (Check the measurements  at the turn to ensure the spa dolly will fit through)
  • Hills (Tell us how many feet up or down in this manner -Up a short steep incline a flat surface or Down a long steep decline to a flat surface -)
  • Angles that may cause the tub to tilt while on the dolly
  • Stairs (what is the number of steps? the width rail-to-rail and do they go up or down?)
  • Decks  (consider the dimensions of the installation base -length x width x height-, is there enough clearance all around)

How do I know if my hot tub will fit?

To ensure your new hot tub delivery goes smoothly during the installation, it’s important to have an unobstructed route from the delivery truck to the installation site.

If you are unsure it is always a good idea to submit pictures and videos so the delivery team can determine what needs to be removed ahead of time to avoid any delays.

What do you mean by clear access to my hot tub?

You may have to remove or measure the distance of and obstacles in/on the path to the installation site.

Check the dimensions of your hot tub in regards to any access points -including perceived obstacles- to the backyard.

Please make note of the dimensions of these obstacles and be prepared to remove a gate or portion of the fence, amongst other things.

Do you install in or on decks?

Yes, however, you must ensure that there is enough clearance all around and that there is enough space to fit the base of the spa/hot tub (length x width x height)

other things to consider are, “is my tub…”:

  • installed directly on the deck?  (What is the height of the deck?)
  • installed recessed/sunken into the deck? (if applicable what is the depth of access required?)
  • installed under a deck? (is there enough clearance height to safely lay the hot tub down?)

What do you mean by "Install" ?

Install simply means to put it in place.

Only certified electricians should be wiring up your hot tub and you most likely will void your warranty if you do otherwise, not to mention the safety concerns so, unfortunately, we cannot hook your tub up for you.

We do not fill the hot tub (hot tubs can take many hours to fill, and as we have many deliveries and moves per day, we, unfortunately, cannot  do this)

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